My experiences with Kathy are both vast and extremely high in quality. She is an amazing presence to have around. I can recall many occasions when I was not able to move, and Kathy saved the day! I feel she has a natural ability to connect with people, and I can't recommend her enough! 

-Alex Galfas

My session with Kathy was powerful.  I was having a lot of physical pain in parts of my back.  During the session, I did not do much more than lie on my back, but about 20 minutes into it I felt a wave of healing energy rolled up my body from my toes to my head and I experienced a sense of well-being.  The pain diminished also.  She has a gift as a healer as well as excellent training across multiple disciplines.

-Tom Carter

Kathy Latham is an extraordinary healer and teacher using her vast knowledge of various spiritual traditions and her patient, calm grace to help her clients transform and heal. I would highly recommend her for yoga instruction and Sat Nam Rasayan. She is a true seeker of truth, full of light and love.

-Cat Cabral

Kathy Latham radiates warmth and her energy is a gentle wave of compassion and infinite patience.  When you are with Kathy you know that you have a 100% percent of her attention. Just being in her presence you feel that is ok to let go and be completely yourself. If you need to cry you can cry or laugh like crazy it doesn’t matter. All your feelings are validated without judgment. She creates this beautiful tender safe zone for you.

 Experiencing healing sessions with Kathy in person as well as over the phone is deeply healing.  As Kathy works with you, you become more aware of your body and various emotions deeply buried within.  At the same, you begin to relax and there is this wonderful sense of release and an almost euphoric feeling and tranquility.  A sense of knowing that you are ok…more than ok and that there is hope.

 Beyond the actual healing session though is Kathy’s dedication to helping you help yourself by teaching you various techniques to assist with difficulties that one is having whether it is anxiety, self-acceptance, releasing anger or forgiveness.  Just being with Kathy is a healing experience. 

-Julia H. 

Kathy's sessions are subtle, empowered, practical and profound. Having a diverse array of sacred esoteric knowledge that she applies and embodies I am very grateful to receive and connect with her in the subtle fields.

-Katherine Westermeyer

June 1st, 2012. "Seeing the Old in a New Way." Examiner.com

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